VSA Question Bank

Very Short Answer (VSA) question bank for UK clinical medical students

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Over 700 questions with explanations

We've created a database of more than 700 questions. We've created a combination of clinical scenarios, simple recall and advanced data interpretation. Ideal for students who want to get the best grade possible!

ChatGPT AI Marking (no self marking!)

All your answers are marked against a large database of possible answers and uses ChatGPT to explain answers!

Detailed Statistics and more!

You can review questions you got wrong! You can also compare your own grades to others and see how other people answered the same question!


More than 700 questions in the key specialties.

Question types include: data interpretation, advanced recall and more

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Questions focusing on the key medical specialties: neurology, cardiology, endocrinology and more.

This would be aimed at students wishing to succeed in their medical school finals


Also in development, a robust and comprehensive set of VSA questions aimed at students in their Final Year of medical school.

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