What is a VSA?

VSAs, Very Short Answer questions, are an upcoming class of exam questions being piloted at medical schools around the UK

They consist of a question stem and a free-response textarea.

The answers are very short, typically less than 5 words and allow for fast marking without the downsides of long, free response questions

In the real exams, answers would be marked by hand and any correct answer is accepted.

We use an advanced algorithm, backed up by our comprehensive database of correct answers to account for spelling errors and the natural variability of human writing.

Our advanced marking system we believe is more than 95% accurate and allows us to offer this service to you.

An example VSA Question:

Taken from the Pathology (Immunology) Question Bank

An example VSA Question. A short question stem, followed by a free response textarea.

Note that no abbreviations are accepted. For example, E Coli would not be an acceptable answer.

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